1. Melvin Ormond Hammond: Photographing Canada
    Melvin Ormond Hammond: Photographing Canada

Curated by Madeleine Anne Bognar

      Melvin Ormond Hammond: Photographing Canada shows Canadian monuments and landscapes from the collection of The Globe newspaper editor and cultural critic Melvin Ormond “M.O.” Hammond. Through the pages of this online exhibition, visitors are invited to take a journey with Hammond exploring the different regions of the Canadian landscape. 
M.O. Hammond was a Canadian journalist and amateur photographer. Born in 1876 in Clarkson, Ontario, Hammond began his career in journalism at the age of fourteen. At the age of seventeen, he moved to the city of Toronto and took a job at The Globe, a prominent Toronto newspaper that eventually became The Globe and Mail. Hammond spent his journalistic career focusing on Canadian history, arts and culture. He was not only a literary editor but also was a noted cultural critic, having helped to guide many Canadian artists and writers in their professional careers. 
      As a photographer, Hammond used the medium to record and share his interest in his nation’s historical past. In the images featured in this online exhibition, viewers are invited to travel with M.O. Hammond to see the sites, buildings, and monuments that encompass Canada’s history. As well as considering the images, viewers of this exhibition have a chance to see many detailed features, including verso views of the prints that Hammond created. Often one can see notes, markings, and editing instructions for the prints that give an insight into how Hammond utilized his own photographic work in his journalism. 
     Also provided is the opportunity for viewers to familiarize themselves with the small galleries on many of the pages. These will show Hammond’s salon prints. These prints show how M.O. Hammond not only used photography to accompany his writing but also how he used photographs of the Canadian landscape as a means of artistic expression. Hammond regularly exhibited his photographs up until his death in 1934.
       The aim of this exhibit is to show the contribution that Melvin Ormond Hammond made to the visual culture of Canada. Through his photographic work, he captured many aspects of the history of the nation and helped to bring it to the public. Today, visitors are invited to look back upon the views of Canadian sites and monuments from the early 20th century and see how these prints were used in the field of journalism and artistic life.
M.O. Hammond at Newton McTavish’s House
17.5 cm x 12.4 cm
Silver gelatin on glossy paper
M.O. Hammond photographs from the Toronto Arts and Letters Club, M.O. Hammond Fonds, Reference Code: F1075-16-0-0-232, Archives of Ontario
Interactive Map

This map shows the locations featured in this online exhibition. You can zoom into the locations marked with camera icons in order to see the different sites that M.O. Hammond traveled to photograph.